Scaffold Gold Factory Info

Scaffold Gold Inc. China Automated Scaffolding Production Base, owns and operates a 11,530㎡ manufacturing facility.  With a workforce of over 150 employees, and automation machinery including auto-welding and auto-painting, the company is capable to manufacturer 30 containers of products every month, in addition to 1,000 tons of steel pipes, and tubes exported monthly.

With over 8 Years of scaffolding manufacturing and exporting experience, Scaffold Gold has supplied scaffolding and formwork products throughout USA, Canada, Africa, Europe, Australia and South America.

Our manufacturing philosophy:

  • Quality
    • All allowable compression load test is done in accordance with CSA Standard S269.2 M87.
    • Testing in accordance with CAN/CSA-S269.2-M87 and & ANSI/SSFI SC100, (4:1 factor ratio) & ANSI/ASSE A10.8, EN74-SEC7.2
    • Steel Tube test in accordance with ASTM E1019-08 and D1976-07 Mod
    • All Ring-lock Standard Rosette Tested in accordance with ASTM E415.08 & ASTM E23-07 ae1 +20 & -40 °C
  • On time, Every time – production management throughout the organization ensures deliverables are met
  • Employee & Management Training – Training and skills testing for employment and promotions
  • Efficiency – SGI follow’s ISO manufacturing Management. Improving management and production efficiencies to maximize output and minimize waste.

Factory Tour

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